Solange’s BFF, Armina Mussa, In Critical Condition After Being Stabbed



Solange Knowles flew out to New Orleans as soon as word got out that her best friend, Armina Mussa, was hospitalized after being stabbed 10 times.

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This past Wednesday(April8th) designer, Armina was stabbed 10 times, supposedly after an altercation with her roommate’s friend, Aaronesia Christophe.

According to reports, Christophe is putting the blame on Armina for the incident. She’s claiming that the altercation started upon her arrival to the house, located in St.Roch, New Orleans. Mussa is said to have started yelling at her to leave the property, however she remained on the premises. It is not yet confirmed if or why Mussa wanted Christophe to leave her home.

Christophe claimed during the confrontation, Mussa got physical with her. This is what supposedly caused Christophe to grab a small folding knife from her car. She is saying that she was unaware that she actually stabbed Mussa until she said, “You stabbed me.” Christophe is claiming it was self defense.

Mussa was stabbed 10 times in various regions of her body, including her neck, and remains in critical condition.

Solange was in attendance for Christophe’s arraignment. She is facing charges of aggravated battery and second-degree murder. Her bail is set for $50k.

Hopefully, Mussa bounces back from this soon, so we can hear her side of the story.