Rich Homie Quan Responds To Young Thug Dis In ESPN Interview

Yesterday,  American rapper Rich Homie Quan most well known for his singles such as “Walk Thru” and “Ride Out” which featured Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, and YG appeared on Highly Questionable on ESPN. The “Type of Way” rapper spilled the beans about the crimes of his past, his worst days in jail, and most importantly, responded to Young Thug‘s “B***h Homie Quan” comment.

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He then finished up the interview with a quick lesson on how to do “The Rich Homie Dance” for those who have been dying to know. Let’s just say he left on quite the memorable note. Check out how Rich Homie handled the possibly explosive situation as well as some of our favorite moments from the interview below.

What was your lowest point of your music career when you thought that maybe you aren’t going to become succesful?

“When I got locked up for burglary. The felony [meant that I] can’t be that doctor or lawyer that I wanted to be anymore. My worst day was second day in jail because I was under the impression that I was getting out the next day. I Sat in jail with no bond for four months, 23 hour watch, in confinementwith an hour a day to myself.”

What caused the altercation at the Adrien Broner fight?

“This is the first time I’m telling the story– I was in a horrible mood because my grandma died that day. Someone asked to take a picture. He got mad about the picture. So he hit me first, yall didn’t see. He said, ‘I’m a trained boxer’ so after he hit me in my face, it was like you don’t hit me in the face and get away with it.”

What happened with Young Thug?

“He is his brother for life, no hard feelings. We went to middle school together and there’s a lot going on. But I’m all about giving and blessing and I wish him the best of success.”

What about when he called you “B***h Homie Quan”?

“It was like my brother called me that? It hurt. Not hurt as in a cry way but it’s that I would never disrepsect you point blank period; especially when we have each other’s number. There’s stuff you do and there is stuff you don’t do. There is a certain ways you do things and that is not one of the ways I would have done it.”