Raury Releases Powerful Visual For ‘Fly’ With Malik Shakur

Raury and Malik Shakur released a cartoon music video to accompany the tribute track “Fly” today  after the consecutive murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice created quite the uproar among society last year.

The track “Fly” is an emotional ballad that preaches the killing of the innocent is one of the worst sins anyone can ever make. However, it is time to fly over the hurt that others have caused.

The cartoon music video to accompany the single is what ties the entire message together. The project contains a montage of the many low points that African Americans have had to face throughout history. KKK Meetings, Emmett Hill, and police brutality all pluck at the heart strings while Raury‘s vocals send chills through your spine. But then any hope of fighting back tears is destroyed when you see the victim’s of last year’s violence flying by the screen as angels at the end of the video.

Listen carefully to Raury‘s speech that closes the video. It really leaves you thinking and itching to press replay.

I hope my son dreams to be mountains.

I hope he dreams to change the surface of the Earth.

I hope he dreams passed the stars and the nebula.

I hope he never falls for the traps.

I hope he knows his skin is gold.

I hope he knows the world is his for the taking.

I hope he never becomes a hashtag.

I hope to never see him on the back of a t-shirt.

I hope no man in no uniform assumes he reaches for something in his pocket.

I hope he knows it’s okay to love

I hope he is a day dreamer

I hope he flies