Plies Gets Body Slammed Off Stage, Fan Explains Why He Did It

This past Friday night (April 3) rapper, Plies, was attacked by a fan who body slammed him off the stage, in Tallahassee, Florida.  In case you haven’t already seen it, we have the full video above.

This is what went down. The “Becky” rapper was performing at Club Coliseum in Tallahassee when he invited one of his fans to join him on stage. The fan got a little too close for comfort to Plies who made a comment on the mic about their lack of personal space. That’s when things turned sour, and the fan bear hugged then slammed the rapper off stage.

It didn’t take long for security to jump to the rescue and escort the fan out of the club. But the crowd did anything but calm down. As Plies got back on stage to continue his performance—like the trooper he is—there were fights breaking out all across the club. Don’t worry though, Plies didn’t let that effect his concert.

The fan later posted this video,below, explaining why he attacked the “Shawty” rapper. What do you think, was he justified?