Nick Young’s Preparing Iggy Azalea For Marriage With A “12-Step Program”



Well apparently Iggy Azalea is close to tying the knot with beau Nick Young, but needs to jump through quite a few hoops before actually getting the ring on her finger.  The couple has been dating for over a year and have even recently bought a house together.

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Despite their committed situation, Young revealed in an interview with Flaunt that he is putting Iggy through a “12 step program” to, I guess, prepare her for a lifetime of being his wife. He only revealed 2 of the 12 steps, but from the sound of it, Young has some pretty unrealistic expectations.

As per Flaunt: 

1.) She cooks for him. I ask what, and when he replies that she made a mean pork chop sandwich; I begin to suspect that Swaggy’s not the toughest grader.

2.) When the bedroom got messy and he got annoyed, he would go to practice and come back to a clean house.

Swaggy did however admit that Iggy is “doing pretty good.” I hope she entered this program prepared.