Lil Boosie Talks Life After Prison With The Breakfast Club

Boosie finally paid a visit to The Breakfast Club this morning (April 27). The rapper talked about a number of things ,including; his new album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, his family, pop culture, and Instagram. This isn’t something that you want to miss.

How Boosie Badazz Is Living ‘Life After Deathrow’

First thing’s first, Boosie made it clear that he no longer goes by “Lil Boosie” any longer and will officially accept the name “Boosie Badazz.” Unless you’re a little kid, then he might make an acception.

“There ain’t nothin’ little about me…my life (is) a big a** life, all kinda crazy,big problems…no man call me Boosie Badazz from now on.I said that in jail.”

Besides his new name, Boosie had a ton of things to talk about. Seeing as the rapper was sentenced to 8 years in jail for drug charges and probation violation, he missed out on a lot of our biggest pop culture moment-except Instagram. Boosie told DJ Envy“Oh I’m a pro now,” when referring to the app. What Boosie loves most about the site? Well he has a ton of women constantly in his inbox.

“I love Instagram ya heard me…Most of them DM me. I get crazy DMs. I’m a DM king!”

 Don’t think the “Betrayed” rapper is all fun and games though, he also made comments on expanding his family. Though is Boosie is obviously enjoying the single life, he hopes to have more children some day. More specifically twins. Despite the fact he is notorious for having a variety of baby mamas.

“I have seven kids and no twins.”

Check out the rest of what Boosie had to say during his time with The Breakfast Club. It gets pretty interesting when he’s asked about the incident where rapper, Plies was thrown off stage by a fan.