Kendrick Lamar Talks ‘TPAB,’ Ferguson & Relationship Status On The The Breakfast Club

Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about To Pimp A Butterfly, clarify his comments on Ferguson and relationship status. Check out the interview above.
On being referred to as a reverend by fans:
“If what I’m putting in my music is an act of God and he’s using me as a vessel, what makes me any different from somebody being in church and giving their word? That’s how I look at it.”
On engagement rumors:
“Yea, definitely. I’m loyal to the soil. // At the end of the day you want to always have real people around you, period—whether male or female.Everybody that’s been around me has been around since day one and I can’t change that. I don’t change for nobody. I can’t run from it. So I always show respect, when respect is given. People that have been by your side, you’re supposed to honor that.”
On Ferguson comments: 
“Whoever responded to it in a negative way, they actually don’t understand or even know where I’m coming from and I can’t knock them for that. I’ve took a lot from the community, my homeboys have, and I still deal with it today. When I say things like we need to respect, I’m not only talking about a Black, I’m talking about myself. Everything comes from me first. I still deal with these situations today where I have hate towards another guy because he killed my homeboy while I’m on tour.”