Jon Jones Is In Trouble…Again



UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones must have UFC president Dana White on the verge of a heart attack. For a fighter who rarely gets into trouble inside the octagon he sure cannot avoid trouble outside of it. So what did the UFC’s most prized fighter do now you ask?

According to reports Jones allegedly ran a red light on April 27th in Albuquerque, New Mexico–striking a car driven by a pregnant woman. Stupid enough right? Well the UFC champ then compounded the situation by fleeing the scene–on foot according to Vanessa Sonnenberg who was allegedly also involved in the accident, breaking her arm as a result.

Jones’ reason for jetting the scene might have been the marijuana and marijuana pipe allegedly found in the vehicle. For the non-legal experts in the crowd that upgrades this situation from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Luckily Jones stopped the cycle of not thinking correctly and turned himself into Albuquerque Police with a bond set at $2, 500. This makes two cringe worthy incidents involving Jones in 2015, the first being Jones’ admission to using cocaine and entering rehab.

The timing of this mess couldn’t be more detrimental to both the UFC and Jones. He has a title fight against Anthony Johnson scheduled for  UFC 187 on May 27th. The UFC has said it will not make a decision right away, but things can’t be looking good for perhaps the best fighter MMA has ever seen. Keep it locked for further developments on this story.