John Cena May Be The Reason Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Get Back Together

Wiz Khalifa WWE

If you don’t know who John Cena is, he is one of the biggest WWE wrestlers in the game. However the question is, what is his connection to the reconciliation of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose‘s relationship?

Well, apparently aside from his job as a wrestling superstar, he is also a couple’s therapist. According to, Cena had a conversation with the “Black and Yellow” rapper concerning personal issues—including Amber Rose, which encouraged Wiz to want to change his ways. After a dozen of thrown shade by Wiz via Twitter and a few twerking videos from Amber, and some tea sipping on our end, Cena may have been a part of the reason the two were able to find some common ground.

Allegedly, after Wiz and Cena’s talk, the rapper encouraged Amber to watch his “Go Hard or Go Home” performance on WWE and to listen to the words. Ultimately, this could have all fueled Amber’s recent declaration of love for Wiz on Instagram, and a small piece of how the two ended up spending Easter with one another.

Easter Amber Wiz