Joey Fatts’ Pays Tribute to A$AP Yams in ‘Stevie’s World’ Video

To pay homage to his good friend A$AP YamsJoey Fatts’ has shot a new video to ‘Stevie’s World’. With a blunt in one hand and Hennessy in the other (Yams Favorite), Fatts reflects upon some of the memories that the two had together while overlooking a pond. The video also flashes to one of Fatts’ shows in which he starts off stating “Rest in Peace Yams, Lets do this one for Yams.”

Joey Fatts Mourns Loss of A$AP Yams, Drops Tribute Record

Lastly he leaves some final words in memory of Yams:

Long Live My Brother,

You gave me something to live for. I didn’t have sh*t, day one you treated me like family. Gave me your last and took me under your wing. Gave me game, I wanted to be just like you. Forever will I be living in your name. Never can I forget you Big Bro. Thank you for blessing me with a way to feed myself and provide for my family. Love you Killa see you soon.

– Lil Fatts