Jay Z Shuts Down Tidal Rumors With A #TIDALfacts Rant On Twitter

Via Econmatters..com

Via Econmatters..com


Today (April 26) Jay Z addressed criticisms regarding Tidal, his music streaming service, through a tweet conference called #TidalFacts. He even confirmed something new about the service, which involved moving his cousin to Nigeria.

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Through 16 tweets from his personal account, Jay Z corrected many rumors about this project. Including that it’s just for the rich,that it only benefits established artist, etc… Besides reiterating Tidal being for all artists, he also let us in on the royalty rate it pays to its artists(75%) and that people who need a reminder of the exclusivities the service offers should check out Jack White’s exclusive Tidal performance.

However, though all these things seem great, there is one thing that shocked us all. Jay Z also took this moment to prove that Tidal is a “global company” by announcing that his cousin (who we suspect to be Briant “Bee-High” Biggs) moved to Nigeria to discover some new talent.

It may of not taken Briant very long to discover a new artist. According to ComplexBriant may of been responsible for setting up a meeting between Roc Nation and Ice Prince.  Now Ice Prince may not be exactly what we call a “new artist” but it’s possible he could be Tidal’s first original artist.

Take a look at his interview with The Breakfast Club to see what he had to say.


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