Drake Reveals Beyoncé Feature On ‘IYRTITL’ Follow-Up


Drake will have Beyoncé on his upcoming album, Views from the 6. In an interview with Four Pins the rapper revealed that he’s only recorded two songs so far for the LP, one of which features Queen Bey.

The site writes:

“The topic of our talk switches to Drake’s upcoming fourth album. He only has two songs finished that he likes. One is a collaboration with Beyoncé that he recorded a while ago. The other is a song that he expects to inspire a paradigm shift. His days of releasing lay-up bangers that everyone loves right away are over. For now, at least.

Views From The 6 needs to shock listeners just as much as it needs to impress them. I compare it to what Kanye did on his own fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak. Drake agrees, and as if to reinforce that notion, he tells me that that Boi-1da said he needs to listen to the non-Beyoncé song a few more times before he can decide whether it’s good or not. It appears that Drake is ready to deviate from his winning formula and get a little weird.”

The Toronto native also opened up about his Coachella performance, which featured the unforgettable Madonna kiss, saying it may not having been his best performance:

“I took an L for the first time. I just have to reassess what went wrong with my judgment.”

While the world awaits his Weekend 2 performance at Coachella this Sunday (April 19) and the Beyoncé collab, his current project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is out now. Phsyical copies will drop next week (April 21), and will feature two bonus tracks, including “How Bout Now” and the recently liberated cut “My Side.”