Dame Dash Exposes Custody Drama On Instagram After Being Blasted By His Ex-Wife

Dame Dash and Rachel Roy

An ugly custody battle has gotten uglier. The family drama between ex-couple, Dame Dash and Rachel Roy, heated up Thursday (April 2), when Roy called the cops on the former Roc-a-Fella boss because their two girls weren’t in school.

Dash takes us through the incident via Instagram to share his side of the story, in fear the media would portray him in a bad light. Dash claimed he hadn’t seen his daughters, Ava, 16, and Tallulah, 6, in up to four weeks. He says his ex-wife is using their kids against him.

However, court records say Roy alleges Dame is a stoner with a history of domestic violence—making him an “unfit” parent. The fashion designer wants to revoke all of his visitation rights.

The first video includes a mini rant about how children should be raised by both parents. He then leads us up to the moment when he has to tell the cops to move from in front of his home, because he did not want the kids to see. Drama, Drama, Drama. All of the videos can be found below.

The 1st caption read:

Using the kids to get back at the fathers does nothing positive for the kids… Crazy how hard I’ve had to fight to be a good dad with emotional women…. The math just doesn’t add up to me…but I will always fight to make sure my kids have a mother and a father but it’s the most non logical fight on the planet

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