Sporting*Goods: Duke Wins National Championship & The Masters 2015



The best way to describe this week in sports is like watching a group of out of shape men play a full court game of pickup basketball. At the beginning there’s a lot going on, a lot of energy. Then midway people start to slowly stop running back on defense and by game point there’s only two guys left playing.

This week started with the college basketball title game between Duke and Wisconsin. The two teams gave us as good a show as they good give us given that everyone wanted to see Kentucky vs. Duke, but after Monday’s title game everyone realized that hoops season is over and baseball season and (gulp) golf season.

Sporting*Goods: College Basketball’s Crime Of The Century & The Return Of Tiger Woods

Despite both sports’ inability to match the intensity or highlights of football or hoops season the first week of the MLB and the Masters gave us something to watch and for what it’s worth both were surprisingly entertaining. See what else happened in this edition of Sporting*Goods.