Sporting*Goods: College Basketball’s Crime Of The Century & The Return Of Tiger Woods

1. Crime of the Century

I’m going to spend as much time as I should taking about the Duke-Michigan State game. Duke won by 20. There, now that that’s over let’s talk about the crime of the century—Kentucky vs. Wisconsin. To be clear both teams played their asses off, but unfortunately the NCAA left their competent officials at home and deployed functioning retards to officiate the biggest game of the season.  To say they were terrible would be a bigger understatement than saying Iggy Azalea is sensitive.

Nothing displayed the incompetence of the refs more than the shot clock violation that never was seen above. Instead of Kentucky getting the ball back with a two-point lead Wisconsin tied the game at 60 and took the momentum and never gave it back. I will now never watch college basketball religiously again nor will I get attached to a team like I did with Kentucky—can you tell I’m bitter?

I expect Duke to ransack Wisconsin and cruise to Coach K’s fifth national title.