WTF Happened In Sports This Week: Steph Curry Embarasses Chris Paul & WrestleMania 31’s Best Moments



The final week of March was highlighted by the WWE‘s Super Bowl, WrestleMania and this year’s installment was one for the ages. Between Brock Lesnar destroying anything with a pulse, people getting smashed through ladders or Seth Rollins receiving the RKO from hell, WrestleMania 31 gave us everything we could have asked for.

WTF Happened In Sports This Week: James Harden Is Cooking & Kentucky Is Feasting

In the NBA things are starting to get testy. The season is almost over and players are either waiting for the playoffs to start or counting down the minutes to their vacation. When this happens we see players go after each other. Andrew Wiggins and Rudy Gobert may have started a nice little beef and Stephen Curry  may have just ended his beef with Chris Paul. 

See what he did to the Point God and what else made the top moments in this edition of WTF Happened In Sports.