An Attempt At Predicting The 2015 XXL Freshman List

Every year the Good*Fella Radio Show staff gets into an (arguably) friendly debate over a few things; most notably album and rookie of the year. With that comes even friendlier wagers over who can predict the closest XXL Freshman list.

The 2014 “MVP” Award For ‘Lyricist Of The Year’

Every year at least 10 up and coming artists are inducted into the XXL freshman class. Together, the hip hop rookies represent the highly anticipated XXL Freshman List. In light of its upcoming release we each draft our own predictions, insert our picks into a handy dandy excel sheet and, to spice things up, we pool a couple of dollars for the staff member with the closest drafted list. We then dedicate an entire segment to talking sh*t to one another over who’s going to make the cut (above).

The 2014 ‘Underground Artist To Watch’ Award

Some of this year’s prospects are inevitably easy to predict. I mean come on. Dej Loaf? You don’t necessarily have to be a fan in order to know she’s got a definite spot on that list—and if I’m wrong well, damn. But seriously, listen to the rest of her catalog. “Try Me” isn’t her only gem—and I’m not exactly a fan (nor a hater). I’m just a pair of ears and some good sense.

Shall we touch on O.T. Genasis? Or nah? Maybe I’ll keep that one between Yung Jid God and Asia, but feel free to give us your thoughts. I’m interested. The long debate over whether O.T.’s got any longevity in his career or whether he’s all hype is quite arguable. After all, he does have a heavy cosign from Busta, but I digress…

Then there are others who are deserving of a spot, but will probably get gipped—like Mick Jenkins. Mark my words, this guy will some day be a legend. The issue with Mick (hardly an issue) is that he’s slept on, but it’s only a matter of time before that all changes and maybe, just maybe, he’ll make the list and it’ll open a few eyes. Though looking back, to be a part of the list has been a curse for some so what does it really all even mean? I mean hey, Drake was never on the list.

The 2014 ‘Guilty Pleasure Of The Year’ Award

I can go on and on and state a case for a slew of rookies—both good and bad—but that’s what The Ether Report is for.

Join the fun and cast your votes below. Who’s your top freshman pick of the year? Drop a comment below and give us your full predictions.

Who are your top picks for ‘2015 XXL Freshman’ list?

*Note: My sh*t talking is not included within the sound-waves of this podcast, but in the writing of this article. In case you cared…