Wiz Khalifa Throws A Second Birthday Bash For His Son, Bash

I’ll give you the world and everything in it. #BirthdayBash #TaylorGangPartyDontStop

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After not succeeding in the first attempt to thrown his son the best birthday party ever, Wiz Khalifa got a second shot at it yesterday, February 27th. The big dilemma was that Sebastian, aka Bash, didn’t show to his first one which may or may not be the fault of his mom, Amber Rose.

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Wiz threw  what seemed to be the same exact pirate themed party he threw before, complete with decorations and everything. This one was at his home in Silver Lake on Thursday(Feb27th) and no Amber was not present, not like Wiz minded.

How’s it goin down?

A photo posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on