President Obama Responds to SAE Fraternity’s Racist Controversy Video

President Obama spoke to The Huffington Post regarding Oklahoma State’s SAE fraternity racist chant video and he admitted that he’s “heartened” by the University taking action immediately.

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In the interview, Obama mentioned that he was pleased by the University’s President and the student body to take action on the fraternity’s video, that surfaced on March 8.

Ultimately the frat, SAE, was removed from campus and two members who participated where expelled, for their seemingly taking charge of the situation. The Oklahoma State President also made a speech to the student body, informing them that that sort of behavior will not be tolerated , calling the frat “disgraceful” and “bigots”

“What was heartening was the quick response from President Boren, somebody who I know well and I know who has great integrity.”

“Frankly, 30 years ago or 40 years ago, there might have been a different reaction and more tolerance for that kind of racist chant,” Obama also mentioned that this wouldn’t be the first or last time “somebody at a fraternity has done something stupid, racist, sexist.” What does matter to him is if the world condones it.

Check out what else The President had to say in the video above.