There’s A PartyNextDoor In Your Near Future As The Two Come Together For “Words Can’t Explain” In D*C

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This new era of hip hop and R&B has turned the game on its head. Rappers are singing about love more than ever and the crooners are singing about pimping and playing chicks out. The infatuation with guns and gangsters have been replaced with prescription drugs. The popular style of “turn-up” music filled with hard aggressive beats has been toned down and substituted with 808’s and catchy melodies.

If there are two artists who really embody what it’s like in today’s climate, it’s Future and PartyNextDoor.

Future started his career off as Meathead of the Dungeon Family’s Da Connect over 10 years ago. His rap style was a bit more traditional. On “Belly of da Beast” Future raps about how dangerous his neighborhood is and it’s almost undetectable that it’s him unless you listen closely. Fast forward a decade and now we have the melodic crooner we’ve come to love. He’s a 70’s soul singer living in the new millennium met by a little reggae and a lot of controlled substances – but hip hop nonetheless. When the general public got a hold of him they couldn’t make out the words to hits like “Turn On The Lights” and “Tony Montana,” but when the music is that good you just get a feeling from it and that’s all you need.

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PND is a little less seasoned, but has a story of his own. Prior to amassing OVO fame he went by Jahron B. where his music was more in tune with the regular going-ons in R&B. A lot of love making and chivalry was going on those days, but a lot changed when he popped up on OVO blogs with songs like “Make A Mil” and “Wus Good” where love making turned into f—king, and the chivalry turned into pimping – aka, PND became new school R&B at it’s finest. All jokes aside, the man always had a way with melodies. Now he has added more of an edge to it and it’s working out pretty well for him.

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These two seem like they’d work pretty well together. They both have distinctive qualities about their sounds you can identify with at the first drop of their songs. They also possess the quality of being androgynous in their audiences as males can enjoy songs like “Hold You Down” and “Break From Toronto” just as much as the females that they were likely catered towards. A match made in melodious-ness.

These two have yet to touch base with each other, but there is one obvious mutual connection between them; Drake. With all credit due to PND and Future, nothing may have been the same if it wasn’t for Sir Aubrey. Future’s strong buzz became deafening after Drake hopped on “Tony Montana” and we don’t have to speak on his role in PartyNextDoor’s career. Drake is like the glue that can make give this collaboration backing. Does he need to do a hook? A verse? Or just show up Birdman style? I don’t know, but you couldn’t tell me this wouldn’t make for some dopeness.

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drake via

Maybe I’m caught up in this new wave of melodious raps and rugged R&B, but something tells me more than a few people would agree that this would be a good one. They both had to go through some changes to get their voices heard, both are kings at crafting catchy tunes, and both have a cool dread lock thing going on (okay…). Anyway this one should be on the way, but until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?