Nicki Minaj Calls Out Christina Millan For Using “Pretty on Fleek” Phrase


Yesterday (Mar.1) when Nicki Miniaj caught wind of Christina’s Milian‘s use of the phrase “pretty on fleek,” what seemed like the newest Twitter beef began to transpire. Nicki posted on her IG a photo of the trending topic “Fleek by Onika,” with a caption calling out Milian’s use of the phrase on T-shirts she is currently selling.

Karrine Steffans Throws Shade At Christina Milian On Instagram

Christina Milan immediately clapped back lightly with a non-confrontational approach, but was sure to include a breakdown explaining her prior use of the word before Nicki’s verse on Beyonce’ hit “Feeling Myself.” She explained that her T-shirt line often includes catchy popular culture sayings, and a reminder that neither girl is the originator of the word.

Christina Milian response

Nicki, who responded quickly to Milian, seemed very understanding of her¬†explanation/response, which raises the question of whether she was serious about the entire thing or not. Christina took to twitter to express her confusion and¬†Nicki replied with a simple, “All good babe.”

Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian


Misunderstanding or not, Milan made a good point. Let’s just give credit to Vine star Peaches Monroe for bringing “fleek,” up and front.