Nick Gordon Breaks Down In One-On-One Interview With Dr. Phil: “I have been drinking. I have been doing Xanax…”

nick gordon

Bobbi Kristina‘s longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon sat down with Dr. Phil for what the talk show host called an “interview turned intervention” that aired Wednesday (Mar. 11). According to Dr. Phil, Gordon approached him to do an interview because he was “being vilified” by the media. But when the talk show host and his team arrived in Atlanta for the sit-down, he told Access Hollywood that Gordon was “so high, so out of control, abusing alcohol and apparently Xanax,” that it ended with Nick reportedly heading to rehab.

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Dr. Phil first spoke with Nick Gordon’s mother, Michelle Gordon, who gave an account about what allegedly happened leading up to Bobbi’s bathtub incident on Jan. 31. According to Michelle, her son, Bobbi Kristina, and their friend Max Lomas had partied with a friend the evening before, and got into an argument when they returned home.

“Nick walked away from the argument, went to another bedroom to fall asleep, and [Bobbi Kristina] went up to her room and drew a bath.”

Max found her face down and unresponsive in the bathtub when the cable man arrived and needed access to the bathroom.

“Nicholas was able to do CPR on her for 15 minutes. The police arrived, and they didn’t help him. No one helped him until the EMTs got there.”

She then added that her son was still struggling with accepting the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s mother Whitney Houston, and that he blames himself for his girlfriend’s current situation. Michelle then said her son had told her he wanted to take his own life, and that he attempted to do so by taking Xanax and Unisom two weeks ago.

When Gordon joins his mother in the interview room he tells Dr. Phil that he has been drinking and taking Xanax, breaking down repeatedly, saying “I miss Krissy and Whitney.” Throughout the rest of the interview Gordon leaves and returns to the room several times, concluding with Dr. Phil asking him to go to rehab to receive treatment for his depression and alcoholism. According to TMZ, Gordon went to the rehab facility after the taping.

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