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NFL Free Agent Frenzy Already Off To An Insane Start | Good*Fella Media

NFL Free Agent Frenzy Already Off To An Insane Start

To Be Continued

The fun isn’t over ladies and gentlemen–there is still a bunch more madness on the way. Here are some major headlines to keep an eye on for the rest of the week.

Revis Island

Darrelle Revis is in the midst of starting a bidding war between hated rivals, New England Patriots and New York Jets. The Pats believe the Jets are in the lead, but until it’s official he’s still a Patriot (God please let my Jets sign Revis and undo their terrible mistake).


The Jets-Revis reunion is official and it was a reunion of epic proportions. His new deal is for a record $70 million including $39 million guaranteed over five years. Hate to be captain obvious here, but this deal makes him the highest paid corner back of all time.

What About Murray?

One player receiving as much buzz as a local rapper is Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray. He led the league in rushing yet no one has come out and signed him yet. Is he asking for too much? Are teams aware his best season already happened? I don’t know, but a suitor will emerge by Friday.