NFL Free Agent Frenzy Already Off To An Insane Start

Game Changer

Seattle Seahawks fans have to admit one thing, their front office pays attention. After seeing what happened at the end of the Super Bowl the team went out and made sure that never happens again. They re-signed the guy they should have given the ball to in Marshawn Lynch over the weekend and today made the biggest (and best) trade of the very young off-season–trading for the beast that is Jimmy Graham.

The Seahawks agreed to the trade with the New Orleans Saints for the league’s second best tight end for multiple draft picks and offensive lineman Max Unger according to ESPN. This move makes the Seahawks somehow even scarier than they were before and gives Russell Wilson that weapon he’s needed since, well forever honestly. For the Saints it was a clear salary dump. Graham was given a $40 million extension last July and I think they know they aren’t going to be contending anytime soon. My only question is, is Drew Brees next?