Meek Mill ft. Big Sean & A$AP Ferg – “B-boy” Song Review || #ForTheRecord

A record like “B-Boy” is the perfect way to say “I’m back muh’suckas.” Though if you ask me, Meek Mill‘s verse could have used a little work. No shots fired here, but I think we can all collectively agree that both Big Sean and A$AP Ferg bodied the track while Meek lagged behind. Feel free to tweet me if you think I’m full of sh—. But I’m warning you, I do know how to use the block button…and I’m not scared of it.

Rappers And The City Of Philly Welcome Home Meek Mill

Upon its release at the top of the year, “B-Boy” had the internet flaming with such fire bars—which we can arguably thank Sean for. And as a Big Sean fan, I’m not being biased—I swear.

The record, set to appear on Meek’s upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money, was originally scheduled for a summer release in 2014. Things took a turn however, upon Meek’s arrest. Instead “B-Boy” was released at the top of this year simultaneously with its video, which was also apparently filmed several months ago.

Without a doubt, the visual compensates for the missing element that comes from having no hook. Its fun aesthetic keeps up with the theme of the record and captivates each rapper’s sense of ballin’ self. Surely with a hook—even a bridge—this song’s replay value could have sky-rocketed, but that’s just not how this cookie crumbled.

It’s hard to confidently say the song’s relevancy will extend through the summer months, though there is a slight chance of it happening. But considering this is a record that was supposed to be released over six months ago, I just don’t see anyone being too concerned about its shelf-life. With Sean’s current buzz and recent release of Dark Sky Paradise, I see him being the sole reason “B-Boy” survives any longer. Oh you don’t feel the same way? Tweet at me, dog.

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It’s evident that Meek gets outshine by his counterparts on this track, but maybe that’s just what he wanted. After all, since when does the opening verse ever get deemed the “best” verse? I’ll wait…

Are you done? So we can continue now? Great…

Sonically the verse sounds amazing at first listen, but realistically Meek had a chance to kill it and he didn’t. He moves from rapping about a woman’s thirst, to his threads as we all know Meek to be a stylish and flashy fella. He later closes the track with an outro that suggests he’s fed into the thirst he initially talked about. Considering the great beat he’s got under him, the verse is weak—not bad, but sub par. Personally, Meek moves in too many directions for me. Of course, this is me nitpicking. Also, the outro is my favorite part of this record. Just saying…

What she do?
She, just, put heart eyes under my pic nigga
That’s my bitch nigga
Bought her a first class ticket to put the dick in her
Meek Mill, “B-Boy” 

Needless to say Big Sean comes in for the taking, like a boss *insert Rick Ross grunt here*. He does what Meek should have done, delivers quality raps and typical witty Sean punchlines. Most importantly, there’s consistency all throughout. Big Sean for president please…Boiiiiiii 

And I got comma on comma on comma on comma… on comma
And I ain’t talking about no run on sentence
Big Sean, “B-Boy” 

The great thing about Ferg in this record is his effortless and funky flow, although a bit a controversy did surround his closing lines due to a misunderstanding in pronunciation (neighbors does not sound like neighbors when it’s being rapped that fast, for the record). But if you’re familiar with this Harlem native’s music, then you know he’s full of witty punches that’ll make you crack a smile—or in this case, question him.

Get with a dreamchaser, we ballin’ hard like the Lakers
You ballin’ out, you a faker, you prolly catchin’ the vapors
I’m at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor
You thinkin’ Khloe don’t know me, I’m in the car dashin’ haters
I’m in the Kardashian, get it? I’m lyin’, can’t I pretend?
They say fake it ’til you make it, well, let the fakin’ begin
I got a b—ch with fake titties, fake ass, she all in the Benz
Them titties’ll prolly fall like a ball when she bend
A$AP Ferg, “B-Boy” 

Overall, the record is solid. Yes a hook would have helped its relevancy case, but realistically who even cares? There are three very talented rappers showcasing their skill on one record with straight bars. And when that happens, a hook isn’t necessary. Shhh…just listen and if you’re good enough, learn the words and rap along like a normal rap fan. To my FTR co-host Asia, who you can hear in this episode slightly whining about the song needing a hook, sorry—but not sorry. 

*Ether Report Card:  8/10