Homeless Man Killed By LAPD Was Wanted By U.S. Marshals

via ABC News

On Sunday (March 1), it was reported that a homeless man was shot and killed by Los Angeles Police on Skid Row. Yesterday evening, many news sites released information that the victim was living under a stolen French identity and was wanted for violating his probation terms for a bank robbery conviction.

LAPD Shoots and Kills Homeless Man In Broad Daylight

Police identified the body of the man shot by LAPD as Charley Saturmin Robinet, 39. The consul general of France, Axel Cruau, stated that the man had stole the identity of a French citizen and was living in the United States under the assumed name.

“The real Charley Robinet is in France apparently living a totally normal life and totally unaware his identity had been stolen years and years ago,” Cruau said.

In 2000, Robinet was convicted for robbing a Wells Fargo bank and pistol-whipping an employee in order to pay for acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. While in a federal prison in Minnesota, Robinet was assigned to the mental health unit and was mandated to psychiatric treatment in a nearby hospital.

He served about 13 years in prison before spending six months in a halfway house. He was released in May 2014.

Police leaders of Los Angeles have come to the defense of the three officers involved in the shooting stating that they have had extensive training in dealing with Skid Row situations. However, the competence of the rookie officer involved—who stated that Robinet had a gun—has been highly questioned in regards to his lack of experience in dealing with mentally ill suspects.