How to #TweetLikeDameDash 101



Twitter was invaded with tons of #TweetLikeDameDash tweets yesterday after someone created the comical hashtag. This stems from an interview the Roc-A-Fella cofounder had with The BreakfastClubalmost two weeks ago.

Dame Dash Is Upset With Kanye West (Interview w/ Shade 45)

Below are a few of the focal points Dame Dash made during his interview, which will also help you ‘tweet like dame dash’ when necessary (and get through life, the Dame Dash way).

  1. Satisfaction only comes with being your own boss: How is a man supposed to face his children when he’s not his own boss? If you’re not your own boss what will you be able to pass on to them and the coming generations? Nada.
  2. Men don’t gossip: Those who do are called “Chatty Patties.” Don’t be a Chatty Patty. That’s wack.
  3. Men also do not talk about other men: What do you need to know about another man for?
  4. Real men do not use social media. Period: This explains why you will not find Dame’s Twitter. He’s a real man. Obviously.

If you already haven’t, watch the entire video below to catch the gems Dash dropped on us, and just for fun try counting the number of times he incorrectly uses the word “pause.” For even more fun—no seriously—scroll further down for the hilarious #TweetLikeDameDash tweets.

And if Dame Dash had a twitter…