ESPN’s Robert Flores Roasts Iggy Azalea On SportsCenter

Robert Flores vs Iggy Azalea

The polls are closed ladies and gentleman! This year’s winner for “Real N—a of 2015” is ESPN‘s SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores. During Sunday night’s edition of SportsCenter Flores saw his chance and took it:

Flex on them Robert!! FLEXXXXX!!!


Boy, that gets better the more I watch it. So why did ‘Ro Flo’ do it? Because it’s true and funny that’s why. The over sensitive Iggy hasn’t responded yet, but her boyfriend Nick Young did. Apparently ‘Swaggy P’ didn’t find Flores’ joke funny–at all.

Swaggy took to Twitter to voice his displeasure and in Iggy-fashion he deleted them thereafter. Way to stand strong Nick.