Eagles Trade Star Running Back LeSean McCoy To Bills

LeSean McCoy

Following a season where they missed the playoffs, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles responded by trading star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso. ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the insane news just moments ago.

Yeah I had to reread that sentence five times too. What in God’s name are the Eagles thinking on this one? I know McCoy had a down year in 2014, but I mean he’s still LeSean McCoy.

You don’t trade guys like that—unless you know something the rest of us don’t, which may be the case. Alonso played for Kelly at Oregon and is a good linebacker, but trading arguably your best offensive player for a good linebacker just doesn’t add up.

For now though, Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills are the HUGE winners of this trade. You land a top five running back and only have to give up a linebacker. If you are unfamiliar with Ryan’s defense then let me tell you this—he can have a top five defense with a couple losers in the bunch (i.e. Kyle Wilson), making the straight up offer of Alonso for McCoy highway robbery by the Bills.

The Bills offense now has LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins. I don’t care who you’re quarterback is–even if it’s Geno Smith–any offense with those two alone are going to throw up video game points. Throw in the Bills best unit, their defense, and here come the Bills.