Common Explains Oprah Diss: “I wasn’t trying to play her out.”

Common was walking on air after winning his first Oscar for Best Original Song “Glory,” a collaboration with John Legend. His cloud must have been very high because the artist skipped right over Oprah Winfrey’s high five when passing in the crowd.  It may not have been as bad as it looked though. According to Common’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he meant no harm by it.

Common and John Legend Move Crowd To Their Feet With Powerful “Glory” Performance

When asked about the alleged diss, Common said, “I didn’t know if that high five was for me or for John, so I went ‘safe’ and went for David.” All is well between the two, and the Chicago rapper was sure to call up O to make sure she knew he meant no harm. “We talked the next day and it was like, ‘I wasn’t trying to play you out.’”

In the interview Common also discussed what it was like being a ball boy for Michael Jordan and owning the first pair of Air Jordans. Check out the clip below.