Co-Producer, Velous Says Kanye’s ‘All Day’ Was Originally For French Montana

Co-producer of Kanye’s track “All Day“, Velous sat down with MTV this past Friday (Feb27th) and spilled some fun facts not every Yeezy fan may of known.

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“That joint was crazy bro,” Velous said about the the “Only One” rapper’s debut performance of the track “All Day.” As we all know Yeezy performed it first at the 2015 BRIT Awards.  He thinks the track, which was produced by himself and French Montana, should be receiving a grammy in 2016.

“That joint was crazy bro, like that performance. Yo, I had to watch it like 16 times to relive that moment…He went hard on there. I know there’s a lot of politics in the game, but you already know that’s supposed to be Rap Performance of the Year already.”

But that’s not all the producer had to say about “All Day.” Velous, a 21 year old native of Kingston, New York admitted in the interview that the track wasn’t originally meant for Kanye. In fact, he intended it to be for “Poison” rapper, French Montana, who he just signed with in June.

“I made that beat while I was sitting on my boys couch watching Saturday Night Live…I worked on that and I had the main part of it, I already had the skeleton of it [and] it was for my big bro French Montana...I guess Kanye was rocking with it, so he gave it to Kanye”

No hard feelings though, as French and Kanye both added to the track.

“[French] doesn’t make beats but he has ideas. He always has ideas for his tracks. Him and Kanye went back and they had some ideas and added some stuff. There’s stuff that I didn’t put in the beat that they added to it. So that’s where the co-production came in. He was definitely involved.”

Check out the rest of the interview, to see what else Velous has to say about what it was like working on “All Day” with Kanye West and French Montana.