Breaking Down The Best NBA MVP Race In More Than A Decade

Russell Westbrook

You can call the NBA many things, but better not be one of them. Believe it or not we are in the middle of another golden era in the league, something you notice when you realize how pathetic the league was in the mid-2000s. Back then there were 25 legit stars in the league.–solid number right?

Not so much in comparison to today. I can rattle off at least 30 “star” players—almost every team possesses a star-caliber player (or a player more than capable of making that star leap).

Nothing serves as better evidence for the league’s golden era then this year’s MVP race. Typically the MVP race is a two-man race, three if it’s a great year. This year there are five legitimate contenders for the honor.

With just a month and a half of the regular season left this race is going to come down to who gets hot at the right time. Let’s rank and break down the top five candidates.