Bobby Shmurda Calls Ebro From Jail Again, Says Uncle Is A Liar

Bobby Shmurda called up Ebro In The Morning, this time with right hand man Rowdy Rebel to chop it up with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. His first call—about a week ago—was abruptly disconnected. Ebro revealed it was their phone and not the guards at the prison responsible for the lost signal. The pair discussed their bail situation, the cops in their neighborhood, Bobby’s rumored uncle who called our Funk Flex a few weeks ago, and more.

The 2014 Hip Hop Rookie Of The Year Award Goes To… Bobby Shmurda

Rodney Rebel talks:

On their bail:

Right now, we just need everyone to be confident in us. You feel me? We ain’t ready to run nowhere or nothing. It’s f—kin big bail money you know? We got talk to our lawyers. It’s not a bail, it’s a ransom.

On the label putting up bail money:

No doubt. They ready to make 20 million, 30 million, 40 million off of us. Epic has been supporting us. It’s really Sony.

Bobby Shmurda talks:

On rumors about his uncle:

That n—ga lied. That’s not even my real uncle man. He trying to sue me right now, and I’m in jail. I had him managing me at first, ’cause right now I don’t got a manager. I’m looking for a manager right now while I’m in jail. I had him managing me until a lot of money came up missing, like a hundred bands came up missing my first month.

On artists supporting and visiting. 

Meek sent me some mail. That’s it. I’m trying to get his address right now, I know he bounces around all over so I’m trying to get his address now to write back. I been trying to get in contact with 50 for the longest for some management.

On his neighborhood and the cops:

I come from a nasty neighborhood where cops don’t like the people from where I’m from and they couldn’t believe that I made it. They been after me for a whole long time for nothing. I don’t even do nothing. Just because of the neighbor I come from.

On why the cops are out to get him:

It’s because when I go out, my whole neighborhood comes out and they don’t like that. They don’t like that my neighborhood supports me. They don’t like the fact that I made it out the neighborhood. They don’t like the fact that I’m a young black kid. It’s a bunch of stuff. It’s bias and racist.

On the night of his arrest:

The day they locked me up the cops told me they were tired of their kids listening to my music.