Big Sean On ‘Dark Sky Paradise’–“I Recorded The Whole Thing In My Crib”

Want to know the secrets of dropping an amazing album? Then you should listen theIDFWU” rapper explain how he created his hit album, Dark Sky Paradise, and take notes. First step, build your own home recording studio.

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In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, Big Sean opens up about his recording process for his latest album Dark Sky Paradise. “I recorded the whole thing in my crib,” said the Detroit rapper.

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The thing about creating a great album is the artist has to make sure that they are comfortable and Big Sean made very sure that he didn’t even have to leave the comfort of his own house.

“I built a studio in my house. I didn’t have any label heads in my ear. I was just focused on the music. I had producers from Key Wane, to Mustard To Kanye. It was just really cool to have people who saw the vision and were down, and they brought their A-Game. They came and made the beats at the crib. I would say 90% of them.”

Big Sean lists Jhené Aiko, Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign as artist who came through his place to work on the album.

Another thing that’s vital to this artist? Having the freedom to move at your own pace. Big Sean talks about the time restrictions professional recording studios usually have on him.

“Sometimes I’m not in the mood to record at six. I’ll be in the mood as soon as I wake up. I always had that problem, so it’s really cool to finally get to the point where I can have my own studio.”

Looks like working the Big Sean way does pay off. Not only can he record an album in his home without sacrificing his comfort, but the man can make that album number one.

Check out the rest of the interview to see what else he has to say.