Sporting*Goods: Steve Nash Retires, March Madness Opening Weekend Recap And More

We are in the heart of March and the name of the game is March Madness. College basketball’s annual “Royal Rumble” serves more as a South By Southwest for hoops fans. Everywhere channel you turn to there is always a game going on involving 64 of the best acts (teams in this case) from around the nation. This year’s tourney has given fans a little bit of everything. There have been upsets, late game collapses and brackets busted by the millions.

March Madness Is Here, NFL Free Agency Was Insane & Kyrie Spazzed On The Spurs

Aside from this great spectacle that has become the NCAA Tournament was a pretty busy week. Kevin Durant might not be on the court again this year, Steve Nash definitely will never be on the court again and Cristiano Ronaldo had some big news for the soccer world. See what he had to say and see what else made our top moments on this edition of Sporting*Goods.