Sporting*Goods: UK Basketball Still Perfect, Russell Westbrook Still Recording Triple Doubles & The AFC East Arms Race

2. AFC East Arms Race

Apparently we aren’t the only ones fed up with the New England Patriots winning the AFC East every year. The rest of the division is not going to let Tom Brady and Bill Belichick kicking the shit out of the them.

The Buffalo Bills started things off Tuesday when they acquired star running back LeSean McCoy from the Eagles. The New York Jets followed suit on Friday by trading for Chicago Bears star receiver Brandon Marshall and the Miami Dolphins ended the week by inking defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh to a historic six year contract worth $114 million.

Your move, New England.

Update: New England Patriots to Re-Sign Safety Devin McCourty

Well that was quick. The Pats are reportedly bringing their star safety back on a five year deal worth $45 million per Mike Reiss of ESPN What a week for the AFC East which might already be the most improved division in football.