Beanie Sigel Makes A Comeback At Meek Mill’s Homecoming


Philly had the time of its life last night as it welcomed back Meek Mill during his homecoming concert at the Well Fargo Center. But he’s not the only one who came back to his hometown to show some love. Beanie Sigel also graced the stage and performed a few hits of his own making the show pretty unforgettable.

Rappers And The City Of Philly Welcome Home Meek Mill

This is Sigel’s first appearance since being released from the hospital, after the shooting back in December.

Sigel walked on stage to Jay Z’s “Do It Again,” surprising the crowd who welcomed him with open arms. He wasn’t alone on stage though; Young Gunz joined him for “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “No Better Love.” Later, Neef and  Young Chris took the stage to perform “What We Do.”

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