Actor Alec Baldwin Spits A Clean Bar While Chance The Rapper Beatboxes…No, We’re Not Kidding

Alec Baldwin joins Chance the Rapper for a once in a lifetime moment where he shows the world that he can rap too.

Chance The Rapper & Donnie Trumpet On The Breakfast Club

Chance the Rapper was one of the many special guests at the 15th anniversary of the Louder Than A Bomb youth poetry festival, in Chicago, last night (March 1). He must’ve been in a great mood too, because he later posted on Instagram a video of himself beatboxing with actor, Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin spit a few lines from Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Chicago,” and we have to admit it’s not bad at all.

Chance commented that Alec is “for the people” and later names him, along with Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and  Alfre Woodard as “beautiful leaders we can all learn from.”