Action Bronson and Killer Mike Cook Up The Perfect ‘Recipe For Disaster’ In D*C


Action Bronson and Killer Mike. No, this has nothing to do with cooking shows or treadmills, but instead more to do with magnetic personalities and clever bars. These are two of the most eye opening artists out right now who consistently drop ridiculous verses and may even drop you if you approach them the wrong way. The only thing that exceeds their respective statures are their charisma and talents which makes them the perfect mix for a dream collaboration.

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Killer Mike has been on for years. Before he was running jewels, he was riding with Outkast building his name from the ground up. After being featured on hits like “The Whole World” and “Never Scared” and a stint with Big Boi‘s Purple Ribbon All Stars, Mike felt like he needed to grow on his own. After several projects including the critically acclaimed R.A.P. Music, Mike became nothing short of the new generation’s version of Ice Cube. Listening to “That’s Life” makes you feel a dose of truth in every bar, but it doesn’t stop at the statements. Mike has such a flair with it that it makes you appreciate his social commentary from an artistic point of view as well.

Action Bronson is another guy with that flair about himself. Before rap, he was a respected chef in NYC, cooking up recipes with rap as a past time. When it comes to Bronson there are things you just can’t ignore; like his style, his voice, his appearance—everything just screams charisma. Listening to a verse of his is like taking a virtual reality LSD trip with bars like

I’m still twisted, rocking lizards from a strange river
Forbidden jungle in the joint paper, point shaver
Check the bio, I fixed the game
Between Kentucky and Miami of Ohio, I been wild
– Action Bronson, Red Dot Music

It’s like Paulie from Goodfellas and Christian Bale‘s character from American Hustle on wax. Even when Bronson isn’t talking about much, it’s the way he talks about it that still deserves your ear.

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Style is everything here. Killer Mike hits you with substance while Bronson just mesmerizes you with his imagery. These two can sit back and just trade bars about whatever and it’ll hit because of HOW they do it. If Killer Mike doesn’t enlist the help of his RTJ partner El-P for production here, then I can see Alchemist putting something together for these two to snap on…

Okay so there is a big elephant in the room here—they’re both big guys. Both clocking in over six feet and weighing over 300 lbs does have a little to do with this pairing. Size factored in, these two can finesse with the best of them though.

Guest feature from Rick Ross and Ice Cube perhaps?

So they both possess the gift of effortless imagery, they’re outspoken and charismatic, and both have healthy appetites. I can see this one coming, but until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?