7 Things Robin Thicke’s Public Struggles Taught Us Over The Years

Robin Thicke

There’s no denying the talents of Robin Thicke, who’s made us fall in love with his soulful melodies and his more or less, romantic and sensual tracks. Songs like “Sex Therapy” garnered undeniable success, and his break through ballad, “Lost Without You,” reached a #1 spot on the Billaboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart making him the first Caucasian male artist to top the chart since English singer/songwriter, George Michael. However, let’s just say the past couple of years were not his best in terms of publicity.

Robin Thicke Still Trying to “Get Her Back”

In late 2013 everyone witnessed a series of unfortunate events unravel, which ultimately lead to the demise of the “Blurred Lines” singer. This tragic destruction included—what some might call—a ridiculous black and white stripe suit, and an abundance of unbearable moments that grew more and more painful with every passing moment. Nearly two years since the downfall kick-started, the “too soon” moment where constructive criticism should probably hold off has finally passed. It seems like a reasonable time to take a step back and revisit the path everyone should avoid at all cost. Thank you Robin Thicke for this blueprint on what not to do.