5 Reminders Why Stephen Curry Is Destined To Be An NBA Star

Stephen Curry

It took Stephen Curry three years to exceed everyone’s expectations and become one of the NBA’s brightest stars. Coming out of college many thought he would be a great shooter like his father Dell, but Stephen has become that and even more. He’s become must see TV, something that can only be said for a handful of players in the league.

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This season he is poised to take home his first MVP trophy and possibly even his first NBA title. Today we celebrate his birthday (March 14th) by looking back at the five times he made us raise out of our seat in disbelief. What do I mean by that you ask? I’m talking about those moments when a player does something so insane the only plausible reaction is to get out of your seat and scream. Like this:

While Curry will never have the jaw-dropping dunks like Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook or LeBron James he makes up for it with his:

1. Yo-Yo handles

2. In-the gym shooting range

3. Overall wizardry to score the basketball

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Without further delay let’s countdown the top five games Curry displayed all of these skills and made us hop off our couch and yell like we just won the lottery.