WWDD: Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself What Champagne Papi Would Do…


There is no denying Drizzy Drake’s immense musical catalog of authentic story telling lyrics. He has a variety of songs; ones that can get you through a bad break-up, and ones that you and friends can get ready to before a night out. Drake’s also taught us some life lessons, such as “you only live once,” which apparently people were not aware of before the release of “Motto.” Hence, the popular phrase, Y.O.L.O.

10 Drake Songs That Make It Impossible To Get Over Your Ex

There is no denying that listening to Drake’s words can save you the expenses of a therapy session, or have you reminiscing about that special someone. This rapper definitely has our back. To commemorate his selflessness we’ve put together 10 scenarios where you didn’t even realize that Drake was giving you some of the best life advice ever through his lyrics.

Thank him later.