Warren Sapp Gets Fired–Again

Warren Sapp

You think Warren Sapp wishes he could get into a time machine and go back to his college days in the early 1990s? Life after football has absolutely sucked for the former NFL great and its only getting worse. Sapp’s ability to keep a job right now is as likely as an offensive lineman blocking Sapp in his heydey.

The NFL Network and Bud Light already cut Sapp loose and you can now add ZYPPAH, a mouthpiece company, to that list according to TMZ Sports. His termination comes in the aftermath of his  prostitution arrest in Phoenix during Super Bowl weekend.

Clearly Sapp has too much time on his hands and as the old saying goes, “boredom is the devil’s playground”. Maybe he needs adapt a new approach, a more hands on job perhaps because he clearly can’t handle a laid back gig.