Tiara Thomas Makes Pizza While Smoking and Drops New Music

“Wanna be wifed up? Make your man a homemade pizza” says Tiara Thomas. Tiara Thomas is a singer, songwriter and record producer is commonly known for her vocals in Wale‘s “Bad”. However, she can add to her list of talents: “Can smoke a blunt and bake a pizza at the same time.” In this hilarious video titled “Baking with Tiara Thomas”, the singer shows ladies how to make a crispy pizza reminiscent of Papa John’s while being high as a kite. This is only the first episode of the series, so we are very excited to check out the rest.

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Additionally we are expecting some new, different music from the songstress off of her 5-track project Up In Smoke which serves as the precursor to her upcoming debut album dropping later this year. Listen to this first acoustic track off the project titled “How It Is”.