Suge Knight Charged With Murder, Could Face Life In Prison

Marion "Suge" Knight

Executive producer Suge Knight could be facing a life sentence if found guilty after being involved a fatal hit-and-run that happened last week. Suge is being charged with one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, and two counts of a hit and run.

Knight allegedly had an altercation with two men outside of a restaurant and then ran them both over with his red pickup truck.

“Following an altercation on Thursday outside a Compton restaurant, Knight allegedly was driving his truck when he ran over two men standing in the parking lot,” read the statement. “One man was injured and the second man, Terry Carter, 55, died. The driver of the pickup fled the scene.”

Knight gave himself up to authorities last Friday (Jan. 30) and admitted to his involvement in the car crash. Police interviewed Knight for approximately three hours.

Knight’s defense has spoken out saying they are very hopeful in having their defendant walk away from the incident without a problem. “He was in the process of being physically assaulted by two men and in an effort to escape he unfortunately hit two [other] individuals. He was in his car trying to escape.” said lawyer James Blatt.

However, according to sheriff Lt. John Corina, witnesses are coming forward saying that, “it looked like it was an intentional act.”

The Death Row Records founder’s bail was at first was set at $2 million, but was later revoked by the court.

A representative from the Sheriff’s Department explained, “possible flight risk, three-strike candidate, possible witness intimidation issues and [Knight’s] criminal past” as reasoning for the court’s change in decision.

Knight will be arraigned this Tuesday. (Feb. 3)