Soulja Boy and Gillie Da Kid’s Twitter Beef Just Turned Into Real Beef




Soulja Boy was not playing any games during his Twitter beef with Gillie Da Kid, today (Feb. 2). The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood apparently star slapped Gillie Da Kid. This, of course, is all according to the “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” rapper because Gillie denies that ever happening.

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If we had to take a wild guess as to how this entire thing started today, it’s Gillie’s tweets to Soulja Boy that caused the spark. The “Tattoo”rapper said how the two should meet up since they are both in Dubai.

Soulja as ready as ever, tweeted a photo of himself out in the lobby waiting. But it seems that there could’ve been a miscommunication. Soulja Boy was apparently standing in the wrong lobby according to a video Gillie posted.

That’s when things got even worse. Gillie accused Soulja boy of “fraudin” and posting pictures from the day before. Even still Soulja Boy’s claims of being downstairs from his lobby remained.

Instead of searching for the reality star, Gillie chose to post another video. This didn’t go to well for Soulja Boy, who decided to go to give Gillie 5 minutes before he sent his crew to the rapper’s hotel.

Soulja Boy then called out Gillie Da Kid, saying he was doing all his talking from down the block. So the rapper did the only thing he could do, wait outside the hotel.

The twitter war came to a closing after Soulja Boy tweeted that he had laid his hands on Gillie Da Kid, but Gillie denies all of it. There’s no sure way to tell what went down. We’re still trying to figure out if the two actually met up.

Check out the tweets below and be the judge. Drop a comment below and let us know if what you think. Was Soulja really outside? Or was he “fraudin” as Gillie accused?