Snoop Dogg Trailer Reveals Upcoming Album To Be Produced By Pharrell Williams

This past Tuesday (Feb. 17), Snoop Dogg released a very pro-green trailer for his upcoming album Bush via his newly created website

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In this electrifying video, the “Gin And Juice” rapper rolls up a joint and let’s out a big puff of smoke that transforms into the album announcement also revealing that the project will be executive produced by Pharrell Williams.

“It’s completely different than anything we’ve ever done. It feels good, sounds good, looks good,” said Snoop Dogg with MTV News.

Earlier this month, the two gave them a little taste of what they have been working on when the gave a performance at the Levi’s Pre-Grammy Party in Hollywood.

This wouldn’t be the first time Snoop and Pharrel hit it out of the park. The duo had major success with the tracks “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Beautiful.” So to be honest, we are excited to see what else these two can come up with together—or at least I am.

Snoop x Pharrell.

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