Rick Ross & Meek Mill Get Into An ‘All Star’ Brawl


This past weekend, trouble searched and found its way to rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill. As seen in this video, originally provided by TMZ, the two were involved in a major brawl at a club event for NBA All Star Weekend.

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The altercation is said to have taken place at NYC’s Liberty Theatre. It’s reported that a few club goers weren’t too happy to see Ross or Meek, and apparently this led to drinks being thrown and someone who was “barking” at Rozay.

Meek is said to have thrown a few punches, and as we can see in the video, Ross was pushing a few people away from him but he mostly let his body guards take care of it. From the looks of the video it looks like those offenders were handled and beat down all the way to the exit.

Cops were not called for this all star brawl, but it seems that they weren’t needed. One thing’s for sure, people will think twice before stepping to Meek Mill and Rick Ross.