Noisey Atlanta Rides Down To Little Mexico With Young Scooter and Gucci Mane

In episode five of Noisey’s 10-part exclusive series, Thomas Morton takes a ride along with police in Zone 6 of East Atlanta, home of Black Migos Gang member Young Scooter and the East Atlanta Santa himself, Gucci Mane.

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The Atlanta Police of the area are very familiar with Gucci’s music and reputation:

“His music is pretty bad, its awful… a lot of kids listen to the music and think that these people actually did the stuff that they’re rapping about.”

However, I am pretty sure that Gucci did all if not most of the things he spits about in his post-jailtime releases. The Police Officer also informs Thomas on what he knows about “Little Mexico”, basically stating that it is the corner of Dixby Street where young males that are not hispanic walk around with American Flags on. Not quite an in-depth synopsis, but Young Scooter got us covered.

The Black Migos Gang, Free Bandz, and BrickSquad member enlightened us on what exactly “Little Mexico” means.

“It’s a whole community, that’s what we choose to call it because we juggin’ like Mexicans…like Black Mexicans.”

Scooter also brought Noisey into the studio with him and Zaytoven and explained how he views his own music.

“As soon as I hear the beat I go right in. I don’t waste no time to think about it or nothing. I try to make my own music so it don’t sound like nobody.”

Watch the whole episode, including a talk with Curtis Snow and Gucci Mane above.