Noisey Atlanta Gets Up Close and Personal With 2 Chainz

From Playaz Circle to the present day, 2 Chainz has come a long way. Noisey Atlanta gives us an inside look at a day in the life of 2 Chainz, including a tour of his elaborate studio mansion.

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Tauheed Epps started his career by the name of Tity Boi in a duo by the name of Playaz Circle under Ludacris‘s Label “Disturbing the Peace” in the 2000s. When the duo split ways, Tity Boi changed his name to 2 Chainz and began his solo career under Def Jam.

Fun Fact: Tity Boi was a nickname given to Epps by his family because as a child he was the biggest Momma’s Boy always trying to get some milk !

2 Chainz now lives a very elaborate lifestyle, followed by security guards and a posse ranging from 10-30 deep wherever he goes. Along with his lifestyle, comes a larger than life studio/mini mansion that is everything but ordinary. He has his studio room, a pool room, mini basketball court next to his Maybach, mini trampoline,  and a “closet” that looks more like the most expensive thrift store in America.

While lighting up, riding in his beloved Maybach and listening to one of his latest tracks “Free Base” off of The Real University, 2 Chainz breaks down his approach to making music.

“When I have a concept, I really dial into the concept. I do research, I put more effort and thought than people think I do when it comes to recording.”

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